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In this blog, we talk about the wider Government energy efficiency agenda to reduce carbon emissions, the building regulations in place to help ensure targets are met and the reasons why Dyson Energy Services could help, as your insulation supplier of choice.

2050 Pathways Analysis

According to the Government’s Carbon Plan, in 2010 the Government published 2050 Pathways Analysis, which looked in detail at the changes the UK would have to make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050.

The report found that almost half of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are from the energy used to generate heat, with most of our homes still relying on fossil fuel powered gas boilers and with much of our building stock still poorly insulated and inefficient.
We need to ensure that the homes and buildings being built now and in the future are as energy efficient as possible, and the most cost-effective opportunity is likely to come from better insulation.

Building regulations and Insulation

Whether you are involved in a new build or a refurbishment project, there are a certain set of standards for thermal insulation which need to be adhered to according to Building Regulations.

In England, Approved Document L: Conservation of Fuel and Power, sets out the standards for the energy performance of new and existing buildings, ensuring properties comply with thermal standards and a maximum U-value.

Insulation is a vital part in the development of any new build or refurbishment project. Working with an experienced Insulation supplier, can make all the difference to your building plans and project. We have been helping our customers with insulation solutions for nearly 40 years, so we know what we’re talking about.

4 Reasons Dyson Energy Services could be your Insulation Supplier of Choice

1. Our Experience

With nearly four decades in the energy efficiency industry, we pride ourselves on understanding our customers insulation requirements.

We have built an enviable reputation for quality; delivering and installing cost-effective insulation solutions to the Housebuilding sector, to meet specification and building requirements.

We are well placed to provide a holistic insulation service; delivering and installing insulation measures, as well as supplying you with a range of insulation products to suit your project needs.

With our extensive experience in the insulation industry, we are well placed to help you identify the most effective products and offer advice to ensure it is the best solution for you.

The team within our Distribution and Specialist Products division, have years of experience, giving you the confidence that you are going to receive the right advice.

2. Work with Industry Leading Manufacturers

We partner with some of the most well-known industry leading manufacturers, to bring you materials that are perfect for mixing, matching and providing that all important tailored solution, that will make all the difference to you and your customers.

We can supply a range of floor, roof, and wall products, that meet your specifications.


3. Bespoke Solutions

If you have a requirement that is for something bespoke and cannot be located on the shelf, we have a Specialist Products Division that manufacturers and supplies tailor made solutions.

Whatever your insulation requirements, however complex, whatever size, and quantity – we can help.

With your specification and our specialist team, we can manufacture a board, strip, roll or laminate to fit your brief precisely.

Warehouse Staff

4. Understanding your Needs

We understand the amount of planning involved in your building project and receiving your insulation products on time is understandably important to you. We can work with you, to ensure we deliver your insulation materials to you, at a convenient time and date to suit. If you are local to our Head Office at Brighouse West Yorkshire, you are more than welcome to collect material from our trade counter.


More more information on our products and services – please contact a Dyson specialist