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Xtratherm Plasterboard Laminates SR/TB Phenolic

Xtratherm Plasterboard Laminates SR/TB Phenolic

SR/TB is a composite insulated panel of Xtratherm phenolic insulation core with a glass tissue facing bonded to 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard for internal applications, fixed with proprietary adhesive bonding.

Safe r insulation

Xtratherm SR/CW Phenolic

Safe-R SR/CW Partial Fill cavity insulation for traditional masonry walls, achieves excellent U-Values whilst
maintaining a residual cavity, offering protection from wind driven rain.


Xtratherm SR/UF

The floor in any building is an area of considerable downward heat loss when not properly insulated. SR/UF will significantly improve the U-Value of new and existing floors.

Xtratherm XT/CW T&G

Thin-R Partial Fill Cavity Wall XT/CW (T&G) builds to a system thanks to its engineered tongue and grooved joints and pre-formed corners, ensuring insulation continuity and minimisation of thermal bridging.

Popular thicknesses –  50mm/60mm/75mm and 100mm.  Others available on request.

Xtratherm XT/PR

Thin-R Pitched Roof XT/PR on sloped roofs (ventilated, hybrid or warm) provides the most efficient U-Values with minimal intrusion into valuable living space.



Xtratherm XT/UF

Insulation for Ground Supported Floors and Suspended Floors.

Thin-R Underfloor XT/UF is lightweight, easy to install and combines high compressive strength with low thermal conductivity, providing a high performance solution for floor insulation.