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Dupre Minerals Thermico Vermiculite

Expanded Vermiculite is well established as an excellent thermal insulating material capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1000°C. The free flowing properties of loose-fill Vermiculite make installation very simple in applications such as loft insulation.

Available in 100 litre bag.

Iko Enertherm ALU

IKO Enertherm ALU

IKO Enertherm ALU is a 100 % CFC, HCFC or HFC-free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core, clad on both sides with a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex.

Kingspan Nilvent breather membrane roll

Kingspan Nilvent breather membrane roll

Breathable membrane for unventilated pitched roofs and timber frame walls. Please note this products is completely waterproof and as such can be used as a temporary roof covering.

Kingspan Thermapitch

Kingspan Themapitch TP10

Rafter level insulation for tiled or slated pitched warm roof spaces. Kingspan Thermapitch TP10 is faced on both sides with a low emissivity composite foil facing which is highly resistant to the transmission of water vapour. This reflective, low emissivity surface effectively double the thermal resistance of the cavity in which the board is placed.

Knauf RS acoustic (universal) slab

Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Roll

Knauf Insulation Acoustic Rolls are 1200mm wide and ready-cut to produce 3 x 400mm wide rolls, or 2 x 600mm wide rolls.

Knauf Eathwool Factoryclad Insulation

Knauf Earthwool Factoryclad roll 40

An A1 Non-Combustible Glass Mineral Wool roll, manufactured using Knauf Insulation’s unique ECOSE® Technology, and designed specifically for use in built-up metal roofs and walls.

Knauf Earthwool Frametherm

Knauf Earthwool FrameTherm Roll

Earthwool FrameTherm is a specialist product for timber frame construction. FrameTherm rolls are used for ‘friction fitting’ between timber studs and rafters.

Knauf Loft Insulation Roll 44Kanuf Insulation Diagram

Knauf Loft Insulation Roll 44

Knauf Loft Roll 44 is a low density glass mineral wool quilt which is lightweight, flexible, resilient and noncombustible. The rolls are 1140mm wide and partially perforated to produce either 2 rolls 570mm wide or 3 rolls 380mm wide. Knauf Loft Roll 44 is primarily used for the thermal insulation of pitched roofs at ceiling level. However, it can also be used to thermally insulate floors and partitions or wherever a lightweight mineral wool quilt is required.

Rockwool rollbatt

Rockwool Roll Bats

Rockwool Roll Batts is a medium density, multi-application insulation. It is suitable for a thermal insulation of roof spaces in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. It is also useful for improving the acoustic performance of suspended ceilings.

Superglass Loft Insulation

Superglass Multi-Roll 44

Superglass Multi Roll 44 is a lightweight, noncombustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. The flexible roll is perforated for easy of installation. Superglass Multi-Roll 44 is primarily used as thermal insulation in new and existing lofts/cold roofs. It can be used in a number of other applications including suspended timber floors

SuperGlass Timber and Rafter Roll

Superglass Timber & Rafter Roll

Superglass Timber & Rafter Roll is a high performance, noncombustible glass mineral wool insulation roll. Superglass Timber & Rafter can also be supplied as a flexible batt in the same thicknesses – size 1175 x 570mm

Xtratherm XT/PR

Thin-R Pitched Roof XT/PR on sloped roofs (ventilated, hybrid or warm) provides the most efficient U-Values with minimal intrusion into valuable living space.



YBS Superquilt

YBS Superquilt

Fully certified to insulate roofs, walls, floors and Conservatories. Proven to save cost, space & labour time compared to Celotex.