With nearly 40 years in the insulation business – Dyson understand that there are specialist products needed to insulate homes, tailor made to meet your requirements. These products have not been available from your regular merchants, so we made them so you don’t have to.

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Acoustic Party Wall Insulation

Acoustic DPC’S

Brick Return DPC’S -Acoustic Party Wall dpc cavity closer has been specifically developed to minimise flanking sound transmission and fire spread along the cavity of the
external wall.

Sizes available on request


Black & White Insulation

Black or white Tissue Faced Slabs

Tissue faced slabs for thermal and acoustic insulation. Black or white tissue facing assists roll strength without affecting acoustic performance.

Rockwool Encapsulated Rolls

Encapsulated Rolls

Glassfibre and Rockwool encapsulated rolls providing acoustic and thermal insulation. Provides protection against the spread of insulation fibres. Can be used on suspended ceilings.

Expanded Polystyrene Chipboard

Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Chipboard

A high performance, rigid expanded polystyrene insulation bonded to tongue and groove chipboard with a thermal conductivity of 0-029-0-030. It does not require a vapour barrier and eliminates the need for wet screeds, also has excellent compressive strength.

Extruded Polyfoam/Plasterboard

Extruded Polyfoam Plasterboard

For internal lining of walls and roofs. A laminate of polyfoam, performance polystyrene and a tapered edge plasterboard. Used for thermal insulation of external walls and roofs. Benefits include fast installation, using simple drylining techniques, gives excellent thermal performance – ideal for upgrading listed and historic buildings.

Foil Faced Slab Insulation

Foil Faced Insulation Slabs

Rockfibre slabs with a foil laminate. Insulation for walls and partial fill cavity wall insulation. Designed for thermal and acoustic applications where a high efficiency vapour barrier is required.

Available in 600mm x 600mm. 600mm x 1200mm

Insulated Plywood

P.I.R Boards Insulated Plywood

High performance rigid foam insulation boards for rafter level insulation for flat roofs. Used in new build and refurbishment where additional thermal insulation is required. CFC and HCFC free.

P.I.R Boards Plasterboard/Mechanical Fix

Ideal for newbuild and refurbishment, provides insulation, dry linking and vapour comtrol in one board. Premium performance, rigid phenolic insulation with low thermal conductivity and Class O fire rating. Easy to handle and install – CFC/HCFC free.

Insulated Chipboard

P.I.R Insulated Chipboard

Thickness – 9.5 or 12mm + 25/38/50/60mm P.I.R


Paper Faced Acoustic insulation

Paper Faced Acoustic Insulation

Paper Faced rolls for thermal and acoustic insulation of double skinned insulation buildings. Facing assists roll strength without affecting performance.

Product available in 100mm to 200mm

Polyfoam Boards

Polyfoam Boards

Cut to size from 6 – 50mm thick. Lengths 2.2 or 3.0 metres

Polyfoam Strips

Polyfoam Strips

High performance fabrication boards made from extruded polystyrene. Lightweight yet has excellent structural strngth, has a straight edge to buff together.

Polystyrene DPC

Polystyrene DPC

Developed to close masonry cavities for thermal applications around windows and doors presenting cold brudging. Can be easily installed as the brick and block builds.